Chain of Events


Polycystic Kidney Disease runs in my family.  I was diagnosed at age 46.  My father & brother were diagnosed much later in life and succumbed to it at 74 and 65.  After reaching just 10% kidney function, I was on dialysis for almost a year: in-center hemodialysis at first and home peritoneal dialysis later.  I received a spot in a chain transplant with 4 donors and 4 recipients at CPMC in San Francisco.  The Matron of Honor from our wedding was my donor, we joked that it was marriage warranty work.  

Throughout all this, we were grateful for BAAKP monthly meetings as a resource for information and reassurance from its experienced members.  

4½ years later, thanks to this miracle of science, I feel good and energetic.  My wife and I run our graphic design & medical/science illustration business.  We recently revamped our site ( and are diving into a new business push.  

When I got sick, I stepped down from the board of the South End Rowing Club because of dwindling energy.  Post-transplant, I was pleased to be capable of – and re-elected to – resume board service.  

While I am focused on our business, my passion is motorcycling.  I’ve completed three custom motorcycles – one received national attention and was invited to multiple shows. I also enjoy socially-distant moto-travel and camping with friends all over California.